Google Announces Project Glass

Google has shared information on a new project that it is working on named Project Glass. You can view the official Project Glass page where you can find more information on the subject and also provide your suggestions if you have any through the comments section.


The project involves eyeglasses that help the user or the person wearing it find information and stay connected with family and friends. There is also a cool video on the potential features or capabilities of Project Glass and how it can help you in your day to day life.

The video shows someone starting his day and how the glasses provide weather information and reminds him of the appointments he has for the day. He is connected with his friends on Google+ and also receives and texts his friend using voice activated text messaging. While on his way to work, he is provided with real time information on subway closures and also with alternate routes and options. He uses his glasses to buy tickets and also take photographs by speaking to his glasses.

Google says:

A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment. We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input.

What Google is suggesting with Project Glass, if achieved, could have far reaching implications and could change your life and the way you do certain things for ever. It will impact your lifestyle directly. This is the kind of future that many people have envisioned through science fiction movies and books; and Project Glass definitely promises to take you closer to this future.

Going by the comments on Project Glass page, it surely seems like a lot of people are very excited and cannot wait for this technology to arrive. This of course, does not come with its fair share of criticisms and scepticisms.

Many see it as another opportunity for Google to drive more traffic to its Networking site Google+ as it would be integrated with Google+ to personalize content for you and to keep updated with friends and family.

Many are not sure if it would actually work the way it is advertised due to current technological limitations. We all are aware how clumsy voice activated text messaging really is, and a lot of improvement will be required before it works the way it is intended to work. There could be internet speed or connectivity issues which results in information to load slowly. Issues like these could dramatically reduce the efficiency and usefulness of the product when used in a practical world.

Nonetheless, this definitely is a leap forward into the future which has the potential to revolutionize our day to day activities.

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  • AshvinDX

    Totally agree with you. That’s why we develop all our websites on WordPress!

  • Oataram

    Amrit, I liked your article and agree with you on all the points you outlined. Just a question though – while reading the article for these highlighted points, I felt that this is equally true for Joomla too. I run a website on joomla and see the same benefits would hold true. How would you compare Joomla with wordpress OR they both offer same advantages.

    • Amrit Ray

      We experimented with a a few CMSs before opting to work with WordPress. Joomla is no doubt an excellent CMS, however, I do feel that WordPress has a very vibrant community of users and developers. The number of plugins available is excellent, and the support forums have all the answers to the problems you may encounter. Our designers love the flexibility of WordPress to design the way they want. More over we feel that it is designer friendly rather than developer friendly. The end user also feels comfortable using it. These are just a few advantages, I feel, WordPress has over other Content Management Systems.

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  • theZman

    Why re-invent the wheel? WordPress accommodates simple to complex websites (the gazillion plug-ins alone are just unbelievable), and just like you said and I think the most important aspect is that, it is truly user-friendly… can’t beat that.